Master’s Message & From the Secretary’s Desk – September 2021

Master’s Message

My Brother,

Eighteen months from the start of the pandemic, the tide of the pandemic continues to ebb and flow, impacting lives around the world. At this point last year, many of us thought the worst of the pandemic would be behind us in 2021 and we would be resuming “life as normal.” Yet, here we are, in the second half of 2021 with cases and hospitalizations once again on the rise, many still working from home, events postponed or cancelled.

In my first Trestleboard message of this year, I expressed a desire to balance Masonic activities with a conservative and safe approach so we can ensure the safety of our Brethren. Luckily, at this point a vaccine is readily available for those who want to receive it. Therefore, steps can be taken to ensure we are better protected from the most serious risks of COVID-19. However, the vaccine is not 100% effective, and adoption of the vaccine has not reached (and likely will not reach) 100%, so COVID-19 remains especially dangerous for those with preexisting conditions and of advanced age.

Freemasonry continues to be an important part of all of our lives, and many of us have enjoyed being able to meet over the past few after restrictions were lifted, but Freemasonry is not more important than any single life. Yes, there are repeat sentiments from my February message, but it bears repeating. Holding and attending Masonic events increases the risks of contracting COVID-19 among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. As we progress through the rest of the 2021 Masonic year, I strongly encourage anyone who is uncomfortable attending events in person to stay home and stay safe. Lafayette Lodge has endured uninterrupted since 1854, your Lodge will still be here when the threat of COVID-19 passes.

Please put the health and safety of yourself and your family at the forefront. Balance the risks of attending events, and do not take unnecessary risks. Look out for the well-being of our Brethren. As Masons,it is our obligation to look out for our Brethren, to collectively aid and assist our Brethren (and their families) in need. This duty is imparted to us through multiple degrees, lectures, and Masonic lessons.


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

From the Secretary’s Desk

A reminder that some Brothers still owe 2021 Dues, please have the courtesy of notifying the Secretary of any issues of why they have not been paid. We are willing to work with you on getting these issues resolved.

Every month I receive a number of return letters due to Brothers traveling or moving. Please notify the Secretary if you are going to be away and especially if you have moved. An email is sufficient.

Fraternally yours,

RW Raymond Siecinski,

August 22, 2021 at 8:25 am | Masonic Light