Master’s Message & From the Secretary’s Desk – July/August 2021

Master’s Message

My Brother,

Even though it is said that one should not seek admission into Masonry for financial, professional, social, or other personal gain, however, this does not mean that members should not look to utilize the services of other members.

Members of the Fraternity are taught to be “on the level,” that is, be honest and straightforward, especially with our Brethren. When I was newly initiated, I was told many stories by experienced and traveled Brothers, and that being a Mason offered “instant credibility.”The belief is that, if another man is a Mason, he presumed to be upstanding and trustworthy.

Utilization of the “Masonic Network” offers various benefits for members of the Craft. For the Brother seeking a service, he is readily able to put his trust in another Brother, more so than a stranger; he is also helping to promote another Brother’s profession, livelihood, or business. For the Brother providing the services, he is expanding the reach of his business, and fulfilling the need of another Brother.

A Brother seeking particular services who wishes to enlist the service of a fellow Mason. may find a service provider by speaking with fellow Masons who may be able to recommend a particular Brother. A Brother may turn to social media, and with the various social media outlets and lodge websites, Brothers could even submit posts seeking a recommendation for a particular service.

The Brother seeking and the Brother providing a service must endeavor to always square their actions and act “on the level,” for these situations are where we solidify our reputation and the reputation of the Fraternity.


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

From the Secretary’s Desk

A reminder that some Brothers still owe 2021 Dues, please have the courtesy of notifying the Secretary of any issues of why they have not been paid. We are willing to work with you on getting these issues resolved.

Every month I receive a number of return letters due to Brothers traveling or moving. Please notify the Secretary if you are going to be away and especially if you have moved. An email is sufficient.

Fraternally yours,

RW Raymond Siecinski,

July 7, 2021 at 9:20 am | Masonic Light