Master’s Message – November 2020

Master’s Message

My Brother,

At one point of my life I was not working. I had sold a business and although I was employed the company informed me that my vision did not match their vision, so they paid me to stay home. I was a fairly young man at the time, and what I remember most about that period of my life is: even though you have nothing to do, you do many, many, things.

I was Worshipful Master of Lafayette Lodge at the time, and one of the major accomplishments of that time was the mortgaging of the dilapidated building, and the refurbishment of it. We can draw inspiration from this, in this Covid Pandemic time in all of our lives.

Being installed Worshipful Master in January, I don’t think anyone alive or dead could have imagined that we would find ourselves where we are today. When this thing first broke I was making the statement men may conclude their free time is more valuable than Lodge time. I disagree with my statement however some may have those sentiments. For those who do I offer you the following:

Freemasonry is a value equation. Your Lodge provides a significant amount of it on a regular basis. Being the nexus of Fellowship and Enlightenment, you can, if you attend, extract from it whatever it is that you seek. For instance we have a very diverse and well-rounded group of active members and officers who vary in age, ethnicity, vocation, religion, culture and beliefs. I find it very refreshing to hear their ideas and vision of Freemasonry and the future of it. We have learned their ideas, your ideas, my ideas, their vision, your vision, my vision and the open minded- ness of all, are the seeds of the value we expect. What we have done this year through some team building exercises, and management is to build a structure where we all possess the wisdom to listen, and to carefully plan to deliver this value to all members. For instance, we have had some dynamic speakers in our limited time we were able to meet. These speakers provided their life experiences, or how things work. And although not esoteric in nature were designed to educate on conduct, compassion, and the navigation of life’s storms as they arise. We have learned to not lose hope, and usually everything will turn out alright. Great lessons.

Yes we have been very limited this year. We have however learned much about ourselves and by extension each other. When you have those kinds of moments everything coalesces. To come full circle we had nothing to do, but did many, many, things so far this year. The year is not yet over. At our November meeting we will have our elections. All nominees are unopposed so fast work will be made. We will conduct a little business, maybe have a short program, and retire to the fellowship and enlightenment dinner of really good short ribs, twice baked potatoes, and a good vegetable. For those who do not like that we will have gruel. The super cool festive board scheduled for our December meeting is setting up nicely. As usual, your significant others are always invited.

I hope this message finds you well. I look forward to seeing you.


Mike Holt,
Worshipful Master

November 1, 2020 at 8:00 am | Masonic Light