Master’s Message – September 2020

Master’s Message

My Brother,

The active members of Lafayette Lodge, your Lodge are hard at work. Our mission as elected and appointed officers of the Lodge is to deliver to you the best Masonic experience possible. As we emerge from the Covid19 Pandemic (yes we are emerging, and yes it will one day be over) we find some membership tentative about attending Lodge, and other a bit more willing to come out. Our Lodge is in good shape. With the size of our building, and meeting rooms we have the main rooms well ventilated, with adequate air exchange apparatus. The environment we have mitigates a tight, high density situation whereby germs can be spread easily. We are cleaning before and after every meeting, Our front entrances have been completely rebuilt, which is significant. No longer are people tripping both up and down the stairs. As your health and safety are of paramount concern, we are operating as safely as we can within the CDC and State guidelines.

Lafayette Lodge has 3 scheduled outside events coming up. On September 5th we will have a family fun shoot at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Pennsylvania. This is a safe, fun, outdoor event at a clean well run venue. We have attended these in the past several years, they are great team building events. We would love to have you attend. Call Ray for details.

In October the membership of Lafayette will be making wine. Again this team building event is fun, wholesome, family oriented, and we get a fairly high volume of wine to use at table lodges, and other events when it is ready.

Finally, as we seem to have a number of fishermen in the membership. We have a Striper fishing trip scheduled for November 15th on the MiJo in Atlantic Highlands. I know it will probably be cold, but big fish are way better than small fish. More details are coming.

Lafayette Lodge has a one day class to raise a bunch of new members. As this has grown to include 23 other lodges, we have moved the outside venue to the Fellowship Center in Burlington. We have approximately 70 Master Masons coming through this class. We have been rehearsing all of the parts for months and are excited to be hosting this historic event.

Our regular meeting will be on Patriots Day September 11 in Lafayette. The date is significant, we will have a 911 speaker my friend RW Mike Carducci DDGM 17 who was there, and stayed there throughout the terrorist attack and beyond. He is humble, well spoken. He has not spoken on this before. I expect a riveting talk.

I hope you are doing well, and being safe. I look forward to seeing everyone again, and hopefully, will see you in September.

Mike Holt,
Worshipful Master

August 29, 2020 at 8:00 am | Masonic Light