Master’s Message – July/August 2020

Master’s Message

My Brother,

One of the greatest features of Freemasonry is the opportunity to share ideas. In our lodges we meet all sorts of men, with greatly varied opinions, ideas, and beliefs. No one man can ever know what obstacles another man has overcome to get him where he is today. Just as no man can really learn from another’s mistakes, neither can that man appreciate the life lessons learned, the sacrifices made, the loves lost, or the risks taken to become the man that is.

In writing these messages I sometimes find it difficult to stay on topic. In my four previous drafts I found the difficulties in the world today leading me off center. So, I will discuss Masonic risk. As stated above, risk is taken every day by every person, man, woman or child. Getting out of bed in the morning, leaving the house, staying in the house, driving your car, walking your dog, going into the store, going to school or work all have some degree of risk.

When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s my friends’ mother was what I thought peculiar, she never left the house. She was a British lady, who had survived the second world war in England. At the time, there was a satellite called Skylab. If you were alive during this time, the Skylab became inoperable, and was losing its orbit. Being launched in 73, for 6 years the news reported it was falling out of the sky, and no one could predict where, or when it would hit the earth. This lady had lived through bombs being attached to parachutes and dropped on her neighborhood as a child. She had watched them slowly fall and swing back and forth, catch the wind and change direction as they slowly fell, and it scared her to death. So, with Skylab falling she stayed in the basement. This was how she managed the risk.

I mention this as we have had some life altering things happen these past 4 months. To some there is no safe place, to others taking precautions there are. Both are what their beliefs are, and both are correct. As Freemasons in New Jersey, little has changed. Yes, we are being more careful, and yes, we are observing recommendations of the government. We are still a safe place to go, we are open, and doing business. We are meeting, and conversing, and moving forward. We are managing the risk. With this please do not let yourself be crippled with anxiety of the unknown. Freemasons have an important role to play in determining good from evil, maintaining the morality of humankind. Please take all of the precautions you need, come out and live a little. One day this will all be over, and like the Skylab, we do not know when, however in the interim is seems that a life on hold, is boring, uneventful and not all that fun. Your Lodge is safe, your membership is considerate, we look forward.

Mike Holt,
Worshipful Master

July 9, 2020 at 9:15 am | Masonic Light