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Installation of 2020 Officers

January 12th, 2020 by

List of 2020 Officers:

Worshipful Master: RW Michael Holt, GO
Senior Warden: Bryan S. Passione, PM
Junior Warden: Michael S. Romano, PM
Treasurer: John C. Richards, PM
Secretary: Raymond Siecinski, PM
Senior Deacon: Fred E. Schwartz, PM
Junior Deacon: Daniel Speich
Senior Master of Ceremonies: John Brown
Junior Master of Ceremonies: Andrew Fago
Senior Steward: Clifford Dunham
Junior Steward: Jonathan Mitchell, PM
Chaplain: RW David B. Littman, PGC
Marshal: RW John Bergacs, III, PGC
Organist: RW Darryl Kuebler, PGMar
Historian: RW Arjit S. Mahal, GC
Tyler: RW Douglas A. Patrick, PDRI

Charity, a Pillar of Freemasonry – Rahway Food for Friends

December 21st, 2019 by

Charity, one of the three pillars of Freemasonry, allows us to give back and support valuable organizations throughout our communities. Lafayette Lodge is proud to support local charities in and around Rahway. The Rahway Food For Friends Food Pantry, a New Jersey nonprofit corporation, has a simple, but extremely important, mission:

To feed hungry people via food distributions programs on a monthly and emergency basis. To operate a weekly soup kitchen, to feed the hungry, homeless, and needy families and to provide educational information on nutrition and social services, public assistance, etc. through literature and referrals.

On a weekly basis the Rahway Food for Friends operates a soup kitchen, welcoming all those who come for a meal.

On behalf of Lafayette Lodge, WB Raymond Siecinski and WM Bryan Passione stopped by the First Presbyterian Church this morning to present a donation to the Rahway Food For Friends Food Pantry. Lafayette Lodge has also volunteered some helping hands at the soup kitchen in the past, and will be looking for volunteers to help again in the future! Please contact the Worshipful Master or Secretary if you are interesting in volunteering.

From the West & From the East – January 2020

December 21st, 2019 by

From the West

My Brother,

Today I had lunch with my friend and Brother Douglas Patrick, who was Worshipful Master of Lafayette Lodge in 2010. We discussed all the men we have met over the years in this thing we call Freemasonry. WB Patrick and I went on to serve the Grand Lodge, and here we are, right back where we first found Freemasonry, and each other, One Worshipful Master and the other Tyler.

In discussing our respective Masonic journeys, he became my Ritual Instructor, and always liked the ritual, he always sought out the meaning of our Ritual. He asked me what I like. I had never given this much thought, and I found this to be a tough question. The answer I found was that I like you. I like meeting the membership, I like conversing with the membership, I enjoy the things we do as members of this Great Fraternity. The thing I like the very most, are those moments when the exchange of ideas culminates with that AHA moment, where plans, actions, and desired results all come together, and you realize that WE really do make a difference in the lives of men, their families, and society in general. WE are that good. Tomorrow is Today -Tomorrow, whatever we accomplished yesterday was yesterday. Today should pale in comparison to what we did yesterday. We wake up each day as ambassadors of enlightenment, WE are shining examples of light, morality, and fair dealing, let us each aim high and act on that.

This year we are going to change the way we view this fraternity. We will be implementing some cutting edge programs, some thought provoking props, and we will drill down on the Value of Freemasonry, and your membership in it. Get ready, it is coming, we would love for you to join us.

Finally my Brother, What did you do today? What do you like? I would love to hear from you.


Mike Holt,
Senior Warden

From the East


Words truly cannot express my gratitude for the privilege of serving Lafayette Lodge for the past year and the support I have received from not only the Past Masters, but also the membership as a whole.

Bringing everything full circle, as I mentioned in my very first Trestleboard message in January 2019, I had no intention to progress through the Officer line when I joined Lafayette Lodge in 2009, but intended to serve the Lodge in background roles. However, having the opportunity to serve my Lodge as Worshipful Master is truly an honor. I have learned much from my experiences and those of our Past Masters. This experience has helped me grow as a leader, a man, and a Mason.

At the beginning of 2019, my goal was to continue the Lodge’s forward momentum and be in a position to pass the Lodge to my successor in better shape than when I assumed the East. I believe that together we have achieved that goal and that the Lodge is poised to continue its positive progression under RW Michael Holt’s leadership.

My Brothers, thank you again for the honor, privilege, and support, and I look forward to continuing to serve our Lodge in the future.


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

November 29th, 2019 by

Wear your ugliest holiday sweater and join us for a year end holiday celebration!

Event includes: food, soda, water, beer, & wine. A cash bar will be available.

Family and friends are encouraged to attend!

Master’s Message & From the East – December 2019

November 28th, 2019 by

Master’s Message

As the end of the calendar year approaches, we enter into the busiest of holiday seasons. During this time of year, we are encouraged to reflect on the prior year and express our gratitude for the pleasures we enjoyed. There are more than 1.5 million registered charities in the United States, many of which are worthy of your consideration and donation.

As Masons, charity is one of the central tenets of our organization. We are encouraged to contribute to those who are in need as far as our ability to give permits. Whether you are unsure of where to donate or want to do further research on specific charities, Charity Navigator ( aims to be an unbiased source of information that provides charitable givers with the tools necessary to make informed giving decisions to make sure that your donations are doing the most good for the causes that you care about.

In addition to helping those in need during the year-end holidays, donating to qualifying nonprofit charities offers certain tax benefits in the form of deductions so long as the charitable donation is made by December 31st.

While there are many well-known charities at a national level, smaller local charities often get overlooked, please consider donating to your local charities where your donation may go further and directly impact your neighborhood, including local food banks, animal shelters, clothing drives, or gift drops. Below are just a few of the local charities that impact the Rahway area:

Rahway Food For Friends

Friends of Linden Animal Shelter


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

From the East


Once again, it’s that time of year. Nominations are in and election time is upon us.

For those of our members that were unable to attend our Annual Communication, I am pleased to report that all all of our nominees for elected office were unopposed. The elected officers for 2020 will be as follows:

    Worshipful Master: RW Michael Holt, GO
    Sr. Warden: Bryan Passione, PM
    Jr. Warden: Michael Romano, PM
    Secretary: Raymond Siecinski, PM
    Treasurer: John Richards, PM
    Lodge Trustee: RW Warren Gerber, PGC
    Temple Trustee: Bro. John Brown

Installation is currently planned to take place at our Regular Communication on Friday, January 10, 2020 and will be open to all Masons, family, and friends.

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