Masonic Moments, Vol. 1, Issue 9, October 2019

Masonic Moments - Vol 1_Issue 9_Oct 2019_FINAL

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September 25, 2019 at 10:30 am | Masonic Moments

Master’s Message & From the East – October 2019

Master’s Message

Becoming the model Master should be the ambition of every Brother who seeks to ascend to the East, and the discharge of his duties of that important office should be his most anxious desire. These duties are not confined to the mere repetition of a few parroted phrases, but he should be able to instruct the Craft, not only as to the meaning and origin of our ceremonies, but also to explain to them the philosophy which is veiled within its allegories and illustrated by its symbols.

He should be able, also, to convince his Brethren, that the sciences are the media by which we are led to contemplate the goodness, greatness, wisdom, and power, of the Grand Architect of the Universe; and that the arts are the modes we have developed of expressing our sense and admiration of the wondrous glories which are scattered around us.

The Master of a Lodge should also, in his life and in his conversation, be a model for his Brethren to admire and imitate, and should himself practice, out of the Lodge, those great moral doctrines and virtues which he inculcates within its walls. He should be punctual and methodical in all things, and, both by his character and conduct, command the respect, the esteem, and good will of all men; for, the Master is distinguished by his position in the Craft, so should he also be distinguished as the possessor of an irreproachable character, a dignified demeanor, an expanded intellect, and a liberal education. The Worshipful Master who presides over his Lodge with ability, firmness, and decision; (for without force of character there can be no force of impression) whose manner is courteous yet dignified; whose decisions are consonant with reason and Masonic Law; and who dispenses light and information among the Craft, will ever be regarded by his Brethren as one who is entitled to their highest respect and their most fraternal regard.

The fraternal cement with which he has bound the Brethren together is not confined to the Lodge room, but is carried out into the world, and practical illustrations of friendship and brotherly love are daily exemplified. Time will not now permit me to enlarge upon the various qualities and virtues which adorn the model Master. I must therefore leave the subject for the present, and conclude by remarking, that I feel proud and happy in being enabled to say that, I believe, we have among us many Past Masters who are an honor to the Fraternity and the Order – many, who are not only Masters of men but also of work, and who are indeed entitled to such a proud distinction.


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

From the East


Grand Lodge has announced the Grand Lodge Assessment for 2020 which will be increasing by $6.00. Additionally, Grand Lodge has announced that each lodge will be charged a dues card printing fee of $1.25 per dues card, effectively increasing the 2020 Assessment to $7.25.

Lafayette Lodge’s portion of your dues payment has been, and remains, $100.00. Lafayette Lodge has not increased its dues in more than ten years, and it has no intention of doing so this year either. After the 2019 Grand Lodge Assessment increase, we were contacted by a number of unhappy or frustrated members that the costs of maintaining their membership is becoming untenable, especially for those who are on fixed incomes.

If you have comments regarding the 2019, 2020, or future Grand Lodge Assessment increases, please contact the Grand Lodge directly. If you have a financial hardship, please contact our Secretary or myself, and we will do our best to work with you to ensure your continued membership.

September 25, 2019 at 9:30 am | Announcements, Masonic Light

Masonic Jeopardy! – October 11, 2019

Lafayette Lodge No. 27 will be hosting Masonic Jeopardy! following our Regular Communication on October 11. Form a team and test your Masonic knowledge! Participation is open to all Master Masons.

September 18, 2019 at 7:40 am | Announcements, Lafayette Events

Masonic Moments, Vol. 1, Issue 8, September 2019

Masonic Moments - Vol 1_Issue 8_Sept 2019 Final

Download PDF: Masonic Moments – Vol 1_Issue 8_September 2019_Final

August 17, 2019 at 10:00 am | Masonic Moments

Master’s Message & From the East – September 2019

Master’s Message

Osiris, the first born to the Egyptian Gods Geb and Nut, assumed his role as the “Lord of Earth.” Osiris was a wise and benevolent king, and commanded the respect of the Gods and all who lived on the earth. He observed a lack of civilized behavior among the Egyptian people, and in response, he passed laws, and promoted culture, religious instruction, agriculture, and equality. Egypt became a utopia.

Set, the second born son of Geb and Nut, became jealous and resentful of Osiris’ success and admiration. Set conspired with his wife, Nephthys, to murder Osiris. Having developed their plan, Set and Nephthys threw a party for Osiris and presented him with a gift, a beautiful coffin made to Osiris’ exact specifications. When Osiris lay down in the coffin, Set slammed the lid on, fastened it shut, and threw it into the Nile. With Osiris dead, Set assumed the throne of Egypt.

Isis, Osiris’ faithful wife, searched for Osiris’ body, until one day she learned the coffin containing Osiris’ body had sailed to Phoenicia, where a tree had enveloped it within its trunk. Isis went to Phoenicia and found the tree in the king’s palace serving as a pillar, and returned to Egypt with Osiris’ body. Set discovered that Osiris’ body had been recovered and proceeded to dismember the body, scattering the pieces throughout Egypt. Isis set out to recover the pieces of Osiris’ body. Using the “breath of life,” Isis resurrected Osiris only long enough so that they could conceive a child, Horus. Isis raised Horus in isolation out of fear of Set.

Once an adult, Horus, developed into a fierce warrior and committed to avenging his father’s murder. Horus made a case before the court of Gods that he, not Set, was the rightful king of Egypt. In a battle which ensued, Horus avenged his father’s death and killed his uncle Set, and Horus ascended to the throne and became the ruler of Egypt where he quelled the chaos caused by Set’s rule and restored order to Egypt.

Horus, born to Isis after the death of Osiris, was known as the widow’s son.


Bryan S. Passione,
Worshipful Master

From the East


In late July an online membership survey was sent out to all Lafayette Lodge members on our email list. The purpose of this survey is to help the lodge gauge and understand the interests of its membership. By doing so, Lafayette Lodge hopes to be able to offer desirable programs and events to its membership. If you received the survey and already completed it, thank you for taking the time to do so! If not, please take the time to fill out the short survey.

Our Officers and members do their best within the time and resources available to make sure the lodge continues to be successful and sustain itself. The lodge, its Officers, and members draw energy from your participation, and empty seats make a poor impression on visitors and candidates alike. We need you to be engaged and in attendance, and we want to know what you want to make that happen!

From the Secretary’s Desk


If you have not done so, please remit your dues ASAP. The lodge operates off of a tight budget and all dues need to be collected in order for it to function properly.

If you have any questions or hardships, please contact the Secretary for assistance.

August 17, 2019 at 9:30 am | Announcements, Masonic Light

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